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Il Croccantino
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Il Croccantino
di Giacomo Maffioli

Via Busi, 36
25086 - Rezzato (BS)
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Quality 100% Made in Italy, Il Croccantino

Classico 1000

Classico 1000

Ingredients of your choice


Ingredients: sugar, toasted chopped peanuts


Ingredients: sugar, blanched and sliced almonds


Ingredients: sugar, hulled sesame seeds

Technical data


Height: 10 cm
Diameter: 35 cm


Pack size Small: 2 pieces
Pack size Big: 2 pieces


Vacuum packed product

Expiry date

12 months from production date

Useful info

  • Store far from heat sources.

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Colour options

Added ingredients:water-soluble red food colourant



Colour options

Added ingredients: water-soluble green food colourant



Flavour options

Added ingredients: cocoa powder, flavouring

The Classico 1000 (Classic 1000), as well as the Classic 750, are the larger products which the company Il Croccantino produces; its shape is very wide and easy, the edges are manually processed to give that effect to the sinuous brittle. Pastry shops love to decorate both formats and fill them with the famous custard cream, playing with colors and combinations of tastes. The designations 750 and 1000 represent the weight of brittle respectively expressed in grams which are used in the processing of these products. The capacity is considerable and therefore you can pick at your wish; obviously the product has to be used in an important event like a birthday party, a wedding as many other ceremonies where the number of people present is high. This will allow you, once you have created your ice-cream cake, to share it with loved ones. Mousses such as custards are available for you to stuff our Classics decorated to your desire with fruit, chocolate chips, cream puffs, sugar paste flowers and so on and so forth. Love, Tropical and Choco Variants are an innovative and lively version of proposing a traditional sweet as brittle, the first is requested on special occasions like Saint Valentine's day or Christmas, while the second is suitable for all seasons; the green color evokes the spring and summer as well as the moss the Christmas period; for Choco version, however, you are spoiled for choice, its taste is particular, a mixture of cocoa and caramel which will thrill your taste buds.