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Il Croccantino
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Il Croccantino
di Giacomo Maffioli

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25086 - Rezzato (BS)
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Over-the-counter products

The Prodotti da Banco line (Counter Products line) differs from other products simply for the type of packaging, ideal as a gift or to be exhibited through the shelves of your candy store. It has the same characteristics of the other lines and every single box displays a label depicting the finished product inside and what are the ingredients contained.

The Prodotti da Banco Banco represent all those products individually packaged and addressed to a specific customer channel. In fact, their function is to be served as a semi-finished product in bars, delicatessens and supermarkets in order to arrive directly to your table. The Biscotto and the Stick, which are part of, are in high demand both in bars as a snack charging batteries with a good coffee for the first one, or on ice-cream as decoration line for the second one. The biscuit has a circular form of reduced thickness, while the stick is similar to a long stick and tight to nibble at any time of the day. The Box instead represent all those products which you already found on our website as the Cestino, the Capasanta, the Romantica, the Tortino, the Cuore and the Fiore 300; all these formats are vacuum packaged and placed in a container made of platic and sealed by a label in which you will find all the ingredients and product indicators. The Box line has been introduced to meet all kinds of customers, assuming that they, going to the grocery store or to a common supermarket or to the nearest food shop close to their home, notice within the stacks some brittle waffles which can be filled freely and if you are preparing a dinner and do not know which dessert to realize here is the solution we propose for you. The simplicity of things is always appreciated, so I advise you to simplify your desserts using only a few scoop of ice-cream, whipped cream, fruit and chocolate chips: with few elements you have created a dessert without wasting time and money.