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Il Croccantino
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Il Croccantino
di Giacomo Maffioli

Via Busi, 36
25086 - Rezzato (BS)
Tel. e Fax: +39 030 2793741

VAT number 02222930980
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"When it rains I share my umbrella, if I have no umbrella I share the rain."

The Medie range features more capacious products which are perfect if you wish to share a dessert in the company of your close friends, family or work colleagues. This range features the most original shapes which exude meticulous dedication and skilled workmanship. Medie products are to be considered as mini-cakes or as a substitution to what ice cream parlours serve as a bowl in the case of more than three flavours. This category consists of nine different and unique shapes: The Profiterole Tray, Romantica, Tortino, Foglia, Trepunte, Cuore 200, Piatto 200, Fiore 300 and Classico 300. The Profiterole Tray is none other than a bowl made entirely from brittle. Some patisseurs tend to fill it right up to the top whereas others use it as a bowl, in both cases it produces a striking and innovative effect. The Romantica has been designed to be shared by couples, hence the name; its simple, square shape gives you the possibility to serve it with a mousse, cream or simply with some ice cream garnished with a few slices of fresh fruit. Tortino, as the name suggests is the same shape as a cake, while being much smaller in size. The Foglia is characterised by an unprecedented elegance and distinctiveness, where extreme attention to the finest of details by our masters is palpable. Its shape is reminiscent of a leaf and as such patisseurs and caterers enjoy garnishing it with sugar pastry leaves, flowers and butterflies. The Trepunte on the other hand is much more geometric, indeed it is triangular: this may help you in the selection of elements which you wish to place in its centre. The Cuore 200 requires little introduction, it is the dessert for love struck couples. The Piatto 250 is none other than a plate made entirely from brittle, and given its simplicity, it enables you to unleash the chef in you, for the creation of an unprecedented dessert. The Fiore 300 is in the shape of a newly blossomed flower and consists of a container part, coupled with undulated edges which constitute a decorative element. Lastly the Classico 300, a simple design, is highly requested by ice cream parlours as it features a characteristic, tall and capacious shape, perfect for containing several flavours of ice cream.