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Vassoio Profiterole

Vassoio Profiterole

Ingredients of your choice


Ingredients: sugar, toasted chopped peanuts


Ingredients: sugar, blanched and sliced almonds


Ingredients: sugar, hulled sesame seeds

Technical data


Width: 11 cm
Height: 3 cm
Length: 25 cm


Pack size Small: 8 pieces
Pack size Big: 40 pieces


Vacuum packed product

Expiry date

12 months from production date

Useful info

  • Store far from heat sources.

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Colour options

Added ingredients:water-soluble red food colourant



Colour options

Added ingredients: water-soluble green food colourant



Flavour options

Added ingredients: cocoa powder, flavouring

Gallery Vassoio Profiterole

The Profiterole Tray was created as a support for cakes and elaborate decorations. The Medie micro-category contains products which weigh no less than 200 grams. Restaurants love them because they are an alternative way for serving a dessert, a welcome change from classical bases made from flour, eggs, butter and yeast. The Profiterole Tray, as the name suggests, was inspired by the historic receptacle, the tray, featuring a slightly raised edge to prevent its contents from slipping off. Trays are used in countless circumstances: it protects our hands from hot food, or constitutes a hygienic barrier between food and the base it is rested on. All these characteristics were pondered by Giacomo before he began creating an exact replica of an oval tray, using special moulds. This product's design is a wonderful alternative to the classic tray which can be used by anyone who fancies making any kind of dessert: served on this tray of brittle, your guests will be truly impressed. In ice cream parlours it is used as a base which in turn supports other, smaller elements made from brittle, thus creating a veritable scenography and composition, entirely made from brittle. The Medie categories, as is the case with most of our products, also come in almond and sesame versions: your choice will depend on the flavour you wish to confer upon your creation: almond brittle is characterised by a more decisive flavour an sweeter after taste compared to traditional brittle, whereas the sesame seed version is characterised by a neutral, delicate and slightly bitter flavour. The Love, Tropical and Ciocco versions are truly sensational as they enhance both the aesthetic beauty and unique artisan qualities of this product.