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Il Croccantino
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Il Croccantino
di Giacomo Maffioli

Via Busi, 36
25086 - Rezzato (BS)
Tel. e Fax: +39 030 2793741

VAT number 02222930980
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"Our uniqueness is the most precious gift we have."

The Monoporzione range has been developed for the individual, a unique and inimitable dessert. It includes products in a vast range of shapes, each one different from the others. The perfect moment to serve this dessert is at the end of a dinner or lunch. You can fill it as you please: custard cream, a delicate mousse, ice cream or semifreddo, whatever your choice, your guests will be truly impressed by our wafers, an alternative dessert idea, a break from classical and traditional schemas. Il Croccantino has transformed brittle, ubiquitous at village fairs throughout Italy, into a dessert which can be enjoyed by everyone, anywhere: at home or even in the most sophisticated restaurants. The Monoporzione category features a range of products including: Cestino, Bugia, Smorfia , the Charlot Turnover, Parigina, Bouquet, Savoia, Capasanta and the Fruit Salad Bowl. Each design has its own characteristics, story and interesting set of facts. The Cestino (basket) is one of the earliest ranges to be created by the company, its strong point lies in its simplicity, as well as the fact that it is easy to fill. The Bugia is characterised by a more articulated shape and its beauty renders it a complete product so our advice is not to go over top with decorations, without neglecting a single detail in its preparation. The irregular-shaped Smorfia consists of a flat part which ends in a "tongue" of brittle. The Charlot Turnover draws inspiration from a typical English dish, a less delicate dessert suitable for everyone: feel free to fill it with a mousse or delicate cream. The Parigina, inspired by Paris and the Tour Eiffel, is an elegant and refined range, impressive both to the eye and the taste buds, with a characteristic, square shape. The Bouquet which in my opinion is a truly brilliant idea, is characterised by a bouquet shape, designed to impress your partner. Many chefs elaborate on the bouquet theme by adding decorative elements such as sugar pastry flowers or sponge cake pieces reminiscent of mimosa flowers, the symbol of Women's day, celebrated on 8th March. The Savoia has been specially designed for a Tiramisù filling: the perfect length for a ladyfinger base, although you can choose any other filling to best suit the occasion. The Capasanta evokes the freshness of the sea, a shape reminiscent of a scallop shell made from brittle which can be filled with light flavours, a pleasant accompaniment to fish-based dinners. Lastly the Fruit Salad Bowl is an alternative way to serve fruit.