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Il Croccantino
di Giacomo Maffioli

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Classico 300

Classico 300

Ingredients of your choice


Ingredients: sugar, toasted chopped peanuts


Ingredients: sugar, blanched and sliced almonds


Ingredients: sugar, hulled sesame seeds

Technical data


Height: 7 cm
Diameter: 18 cm


Pack size Small: 8 pieces
Pack size Big: 16 pieces


Vacuum packed product

Expiry date

12 months from production date

Useful info

  • Store far from heat sources.

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Colour options

Added ingredients:water-soluble red food colourant



Colour options

Added ingredients: water-soluble green food colourant



Flavour options

Added ingredients: cocoa powder, flavouring

Gallery Classico 300

Together with the Cestino, belonging to Monoportion line, the Classico 300 (Classic 300) has been one of the first products created by the company Il Croccantino and how you can clearly see the designs are very similar, differing only in size and height. The Classico 300 is mainly directed to the channel of the ice-cream shops, its purpose is in fact to maintain compact in the same container more different flavors of ice-cream served at the moment or already prepared; this format allows a decidedly alternative way to serve an old and known sweet as the ice-cream instead of using the traditional polystyrene tray. Ice-cream shops also offer take-away ice- cream cakes already made previously so you can celebrate your special day together with a delicious dessert. As regards the pastry shops it is sufficient just a hearty custard accompanied by a gasket of puffs positioned at the center. The restaurants prefer this product in the important celebrations such as birthdays, weddings and various ceremonies. The shape of the Classico 300, as you can already see, is very simple and practical, therefore you can let free rein to your imagination without neglecting any detail, I recommend! What to say of our color and tasty variants? Something sublime which has never been seen until now, dare with colors to enhance the red of the brittle with fresh strawberries or sugar paste roses, or try the mint leaves such as those always made with sugar paste to highlight the liveliness of Tropical green and finally sprinkle it of cocoa powder or coffee beans in order to enhance the harshness of Choco taste. It is all in your hands, try to enjoy the simplicity and delicacy of this form, try also almond and sesame versions, the first choice will give you a flavor determined but sweet and the second leaves the palate a neutral but still bitter taste.